College Application Camp

College Application Camp  


Welcome to the College Application Camp homepage.  In August of 2013, forty-four Beechwood students and ten out-of-district students began their college application journey.  By the end of the week, students left with quality essays and completed applications.  More importantly, they left with a keen understanding of the college admissions process that helped them navigate their entire senior year.  In 2014, forty-nine Beechwood seniors attended camp, along with seventeen out-of-district students.  I 2015, sixty-two of 102 Beechwood seniors attended camp.

Here are some highlights over the last three years.  Keep in mind that this camp cannot take credit for what these kids have accomplished, but we like to think we helped!

-A.S. writes an essay about her Native American culture and earns $10,000 per year at UK.

-Two students attend camp and win Singletary Scholarships at UK.  Approximately 35 Singletary Scholarships are awarded nationwide each year.

-B.S. attends camp and is accepted to NYU and earns a Patterson at UK.

-T.H. writes a personal, emotional essay and is accepted into a top business program at UC.

-C.K. attends camp and earns one of only 10 Presidential "Full Ride" scholarships at UC.

-M.S. writes a hilarious essay matching her personality and now attends Ohio State (Go Bucks!)

-J.V., M.W. and L.S. attend camp, and all three are going to Alabama with full tuition paid.

-K.K. is admitted to the University of Notre Dame.  The counselor said the essay 'really stood out.'

-G.B. attends camp and earns over $700,000 in scholarship offers.

-Non-Beechwood student attends camp and is admitted to her first choice school, Columbia University.

-G.R. is admitted to West Point.  G.B. is admitted to the Naval Academy.  Both attended the 2015 camp.

-Even though students were giving up part of their summer and squeezing the camp into their busy schedule, 100% of students have indicated they would recommend this camp to others.  Some said it should be mandatory!

-Along with a similar camp in Maryland, this camp has been presented as a model at the 2014 and 2015 NACAC National Conferences, where over 850 counselors from around the country attended.

Please take a look at the documents below for more information and registration.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

Chris Reeves