Beechwood Student Newspapers

Juniors and seniors in Mr. Piergalski's Journalism class have written their first issue, which is divided into three editions: The Beechbark (local and school news), The Weekend (art & entertainment news) and The Scoop (world, national, and political news).


The Beechbark:

*Read about Bogdan Shoyat's incredible goal-scoring abilities in a profile by Hank Birindelli

*Who is that new physics teacher who's obsessed with soap box derby cars? Find out in Molly Tierney's article

*What's the next construction project Beechwood has planned? Find out in Ava Hutson's article


The Scoop (World & Nation News):

*What are allergies so bad in the tri-state area? Tierney Schuster investigates

*Is it my imagination, or did Boone County HS change its logo? and did it have something to do with the Confederate flag? Meleah Hudson has the answers

*Gretchen Wessels gives us the latest on Hurrican Harvey and Houston


The Weekend (Arts & Entertainment):

*London Harper investigates why Disney is pulling its content from Netflix

*Loren Eberle reviews Little Flour Bakery, a new addition to Fort Mitchell

*Tareza Chiasson reviews Reputation, Taylor Swift's new album


We will produce an issue every two weeks.