Microsoft Office for Students - Grades 4-12

Microsoft is offering students 5 FREE installs of Microsoft Office 365 on any device to all schools who have a Microsoft Campus Agreement.  

Beechwood has this agreement so all our students can get Microsoft office 365 for FREE!

This is all done through their school email account.   You can visit the link on Beechwood's Website - under Faculty/Student Webmail in the quick links on the left side of our district website.  This has information on accessing the school email account.

Please be aware that when a child leaves Beechwood Independent Schools their email account is removed so their Office 365 account will no longer be active.

Below is a file on how to access the install page through the school email account to install Microsoft office 365 and two FAQ files to help answer questions.

School email accounts are only setup for grades 4-12 but if you have a student in a lower grade who you want to have an email account you can contact:  Tim Lillard - District Technology Coordinator - for help.   859-331-1220 x6601 or 

Thank you


Student Office 365 Install Directions

Beechwood FAQ

Microsoft FAQ