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Elementary students enjoy learning on the go with wireless internet access. - click for larger image

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Elementary students enjoy learning on the go with wireless internet access. 

The Foundation provides assistance so that all sophomores can travel to Chicago. - click for larger image
The Foundation provides assistance so that all sophomores can travel to Chicago. 

Elementary science students working in the Robert and Mary Ellen Stevens Laboratory - click for larger image
Elementary science students working in the Robert and Mary Ellen Stevens Laboratory 

These fanciful tropical fish were made in a kiln given by the Foundation for elementary artists. - click for larger image
These fanciful tropical fish were made in a kiln given by the Foundation for elementary artists. 



   The Beechwood Educational Foundation is dedicated to supporting academic programs at Beechwood Independent Schools. The Foundation’s mission is “to encourage, enhance and reward academic excellence” for students of all ages.     
    Within this mission, the Foundation provides funding to help our teachers extend learning beyond the regular classroom curriculum. Through these enriching experiences, students are better able to reach the goal of academic excellence.The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and all gifts made to it are tax deductible.

   Beechwood’s students accomplish amazing things, and go on to take their places as community leaders. It’s a tradition that the Foundation is proud to support!         



      The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. Its work is done by a Board of Directors and other volunteers who serve on the Board’s various committees.


Making a Donation

        Donors may send a paper check, use their own online banking services or donate by credit card using the secure link below.

       When you click on donate, you will be directed to Pay Pal where you follow the instructions on the screen.

      For online banking, simply add the Beechwood Educational Foundation to the list of payees for a one-time gift, or set up monthly or quarterly donations. It's a convenient way to support our students.

        Checks should be made payable to the Beechwood Educational Foundation and mailed to 50 Beechwood Road, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

      To donate stock or transfer funds from other sources, please contact the Foundation directly at the above address of at 859-331-1220, ext. 6900.

   How we raise money

        The Foundation receives gifts of all sizes from alumni, parents, grandparents and other friends of Beechwood’s students. Most of our funds come as direct donations of cash or shares of stock. Although donations arrive throughout the year, many donors respond to the Foundation’s end-of-the-year fund-raising campaign.

        An annual Pig Roast has been a popular and successful fund-raising event. In addition to a large number of guests, the event is supported by individual and corporate sponsors.


        Beechwood Independent Schools was one of the first public school districts to benefit from the advantages of a foundation. Chartered in 1984, the Foundation has raised money, invested those gifts and provided funding for a variety of programs, services and equipment that support academic programs for Beechwood’s students.

       Many of the current Board members have served the Foundation since its original charter.

      The following list provides more insight into the work of the Foundation.


Made Possible by Foundation Grants:

 By funding a variety of enrichment experiences the Foundation helps teachers make lessons come alive. 

Campus-Wide Wireless Internet Access

    When teachers and students returned to classes in August, they arrived to a campus which had wireless internet access. This level of technology is usually found only on college campuses. Now classes, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, move easily throughout the buildings, doing research, recording data and writing in all academic subject areas.


Travel that Enriches Academics   

     Each year, Beechwood students travel on field trips to Washington, D.C., Chicago, Frankfort, Ky., and throughout the Greater Cincinnati region. 

      Grants from the Beechwood Educational Foundation ensure that all students are able to participate.


State-of-the-Art Laboratories for Science

    In 2000, Beechwood High School added a new science wing with separate laboratories for biological and physical sciences. The Foundation provided over $50,000 to purchase equipment for the laboratories.

    In a related project, Robert and Mary Ellen Stevens funded the renovation of the old high school laboratory for use by elementary students. The laboratory is now named in their honor.


Foundation Scholarships for Graduating Seniors                

John R. S. Brooking Memorial Scholarship

   This award is named in memory of Mr. Brooking, who established the Beechwood Educational Foundation, and who worked tirelessly in our community on behalf of educational excellence. This scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a student who has maintained steadfast focus throughout high school, holds promise for future academic success and for whom the scholarship would have a demonstrated financial benefit. Faculty members may nominate students; similarly students who meet the criteria may apply independently. Selection is made by a faculty committee, chaired by the principal.


Elsie Reed Rogers Scholarship

   This award was created to provide encouragement and a vote of confidence to a graduating senior to pursue further education. Requirements include qualifying GPA, college acceptance, an essay, statement of financial benefit and assessment by faculty members. Faculty members may suggest nominees; students may also express their interest.


David Ledden Science Scholarship

   Named for a former member of Beechwood’s science faculty, this scholarship is given to a hard-working student who has taken at least four years of science classes and who has indicated a desire to pursue further study in, or a career based upon, the sciences. The science faculty recommends the scholarship winner.


Mary Ellen Lucas Scholarship

   Named in honor of a long-time Beechwood faculty member, Dr. Mary Ellen Lucas, this scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to enter the teaching profession. Other selection criteria include the applicant’s work ethic and academic record. A faculty committee selects the award winner.