The Beechwood Independent School District does not provide transportation or bus services for students other than to transport students for school events. 

Students either walk to school or are transported by parents.  Therefore, it is extremely rare for Beechwood Schools to have a snow day or to experience a delayed opening for weather related conditions.

Visitor parking is located in the parking lot on the side of the new elementary building in parking spaces marked "Visitor".

Faculty/staff parking is in the front of the school. Faculty and staff have assigned numbered parking places.  Visitors should not park in the faculty/staff spots.  Juniors and Seniors may apply for a school assigned parking permit.  A high school secretary can assist with the application process. Parking for students is on the right, side lot next to the elementary school in parking spaces marked "Student".  Parking for students is extremely limited.

Sophomores are not permitted to park on school property during the school day.