Residency/Tuition Information/Streets in the District

Last Updated: 6/2/2022 2:40 PM

Note: Before purchasing a home or moving into a residence, please contact the District office at 859.331.3250 to verify the home address is in the Beechwood School District.

New Student Registration


Residency is defined as where the parent(s) reside.

Owning a home in the Beechwood School District and residing elsewhere does not qualify as a resident in the Beechwood School District.

Living with a relative in the Beechwood School District while the parents reside elsewhere does not qualify as a resident in the Beechwood School District. 

Building a home in the Beechwood School District while residing elsewhere does not qualify as a resident in the Beechwood School District.

Proof of residency may include providing copies of electric bills, water bills, drivers license, tax forms, etc.

To attend Beechwood Schools, both parent and enrolling child must reside full time in one of the addresses listed in the Streets in the District section.

Streets in the Beechwood School District

For a list of streets in the Beechwood Independent School District, please open the following attachment:    

If you have questions about streets in the district, please contact the Board of Education secretary at 859.331.3250.  If you are unsure if a certain address is in the Beechwood Independent School District, you can contact the Board of Education Secretary to verify that the home is in the Beechwood  School District.


Tuition Students

The tuition process for the 2022-2023 school year is now closed.  Please check here in January 2023 for updated information for the 2023-2024 school year. 

All inquiries concerning the tuition application process should be directed to the Board of Education office, 859.331.3250, or

Tuition Students - Students whose parents live outside of the school district, but are admitted based on academic performance, attendance and disciplinary data and extracurricular activities. 

Tuition costs: $3800*   

Tuition Application Process

The following will need to be submitted to the Board of Education Secretary:

  •         Application - completed and signed
  •         Letter of Interest stating why you want your child to attend Beechwood and a description of      extracurricular activities
  •          $25.00 application fee 
  •          Academic performance data (both grades and assessment scores (i.e. ACT, KSA, MAPS, etc)
  •          Attendance Data
  •          Disciplinary Data - a student expelled from his/her previous school during the last school year need not apply for admission.

Applications sent elsewhere, and not to the Board of Education Secretary, may result in delays in processing your application.

Once the Board of Education Secretary has received the application along with the required data, you will be notified when the tuition test is scheduled.

Tuition Application Letter 2022-2023


Tours:  Please schedule elementary school tours by emailing the elementary office:

             High School tours can be scheduled by calling the high school office at 859.331.1220

When the number of nonresident students must be limited, the following priorities will be observed:

  • Those nonresident students attending school in this District last year will have priority over new applicants.
  • Students of District employees will have priority over new applicants.

How often is the admissions test administered?

     Admission test dates will be posted in January 2023. 

After the admissions test, then what?

A Review Committee consisting of the Principal/Designee, School Counselor, and the District Pupil Personnel (DPP), will review the applicant's exam score and the other required data. The Review Committee will make recommendations for admission to the Superintendent. 

The Superintendent /Designee will notify all parents/guardians of the district’s decision. The Superintendent’s decision is final.

How long will it take for a decision to be rendered?

Decisions regarding tuition applicants will be made after the March test and after the final test is administered in June.  Acceptance is not based on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

Can tuition students lose their enrollment status?

YES. Tuition students may lose their enrollment status if they cannot arrive to school on time, have excessive absences, demonstrate poor academic performance, fail to pay their tuition in a timely manner, and/or display behavior problems.  If a tuition status is revoked, parents will be notified by June 15 of the calendar year.  Once a student is accepted as a tuition student, Beechwood does everything possible to keep the tuition student through graduation.

Are tuition students guaranteed a parking space?


*Students who reside out of state or within a district that does not release ADA funds will pay $6200.  Contact the Board Office for more information.

Temporary Tuition-Moving into or out of District

Non-resident students who will not be living in the Beechwood School District when school begins but will move in within 90 days may apply for temporary tuition status.

Required documentation:

  • Letter to the Superintendent's Office
  • Copy of contract to purchase or rent
  • Tuition Application
  • $25.00 Application Fee
  • Academic Performance Data (grades and assessment scores)

A tuition application must be completed and submitted along with the required documents outlined in Board Policy # 09.12222.  Policy 09.12222 Non-Resident Students Moving into the School District  (Policy regarding students who will be moving into district after school starts or will be moving out of the district before the end of the school year.)

Students who currently reside in the Beechwood School District but move out during the school year but wish to remain at Beechwood, are required to do the following:

  • Notify the Principal
  • Submit a tuition application to the Board Office Secretary
  • Approval is subject to academic performance data, attendance data, disciplinary data
  • Pay tuition due for days not residing in the Beechwood School District