1:1 Program FAQ's

May I put a different cover on my device?

Your device has been covered with the district approved case with our district logo.  While you may put stickers/decorations on this cover, please keep that case on your device.  Do not cover any air vents with stickers.

Do I need a carrying case for my device?

A carrying case/sleeve is strongly recommended for your device while it is in your backpack to help prevent damage and protect it.  If your backpack has a laptop sleeve built in, you may also use that.  

What size carrying case do I need to buy to fit my device?

The Chromebook is an 11.6" device.

What happens if my device gets damaged/broken?

Please report damage to a teacher immediately.  If your device needs to be repaired, we will give you a loaner device until we can get yours fixed.  

Will the devices go home with students for the summer?

Devices will be collected the last week of school and will stay at school over the summer for maintenance, etc.  

When the devices malfunctions, what is the process? What if the charger, etc. fails? 

If the device malfunctions, please tell the teacher immediately.  The teacher will contact the IT department to start the process for repair and get the student a loaner device.

Will this replace textbooks?

Many of our textbooks and classes have an online component to them already.  While the 1:1 initiative will not completely replace traditional textbooks, we do hope to utilize many of the online resources available.

Can we download software?

This is the student’s device.  They are welcome to download software, apps, extensions, etc. as long as they do not interfere with the daily running of the machine and are “school appropriate.”  If a program becomes a problem on a machine, we will reimage the device back to factory settings. 

Anti-virus, etc.? How does that work?

Anti-Virus software is not needed on the Chromebook. 

How do we connect to Wi-Fi?

On the Chromebook, click the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right of the screen to see available networks.  The Wi-Fi at school has already been added and the device will remember that each day when they bring the device back to school.  It will connect automatically. 

Will they have administrator access to the device?

Yes, the student is an administrative user on the device with all administrator rights. 

Can parents restrict access to things at home?

Yes, parents can add apps or adjust settings to restrict access while at home.  Please make sure that any filter you add does not interfere with the student being able to access classroom resources needed while at school.  If this is the case, we will need to reset those restrictions. 

Will they be turned in at the end of the school year?

Yes, all devices will be returned at the end of the school year and stored at school over the summer. 

What are the specs of the computer?

Chromebooks:  We have purchased Dell C11 3189 Chromebooks.  11.6" screen, Intel Celeron N3060, 1.6 GHz, 10-hour battery life

Will all teachers have the same regulations/expectations?

As with any rules/expectations, teachers will follow the guidelines of the student handbook and code of conduct.  Each teacher will also set individual expectations for their classes. 

What are the end of the year procedures? Should they be cleaned at the end of the year?

For the Chromebooks, simply log off.  We will have students turn in the device and inspect it upon turn in.  All parts including chargers must be turned in.  

Can they personalize?

Yes.  This is their device.  Students may add stickers, etc. to the red COVER, but not to the computer itself.  They are also welcome to change backgrounds, screensavers, etc. on their computers.  This device can be personalized to their liking, as long as items/pictures are school appropriate. 

Can I limit access?

While at home, you may limit access to screen time, etc. 

Do parents have to buy apps?

Any apps needed for school will either be free apps or will be provided by the school if there is a fee.  If you choose to purchase apps for your personal use, those are the only apps you would buy.

Will students be using the computers every day?

Yes.  Students need to make sure they come to school with the device every day, and that it is fully charged each night.

What is the cycle of updating the devices?

The current plan is to update devices every 4 years or so.