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Last Updated: 6/17/2019 9:17 PM

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In light of recent events, we are reminded of the appreciation for our positive, supportive, and united school and community. The Beechwood Schools recognize that the safety of OUR children is the top priority for all of us! There is no more appropriate time than now to share with you what we have done, what we are doing now, and what we will do going forward. 


What we have done so far this year (this includes annual items): 

  • Prior to the 2016-2017 school year a District Safety and Crisis Manual was created. The manual was reviewed and approved by the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS).
  • The Kentucky Center for School Safety was invited to complete a safety audit of the Beechwood Schools campus.  Our schools and district received high scores in all categories.
  • Annually, Safety and Crisis Plans are reviewed with input from our Safety Committee - composed of FMPD, FMFD, High School personnel, Elementary personnel, and District personnel. 
  • Safety drills are regularly conducted, including Lockdown Active Threat/Shelter in Place, Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, and Bus Evacuations. Improvements and revisions are assessed and communicated to all students and staff after each exercise. 
  • Random K-9 searches of campus grounds are completed in coordination with FMPD. 
  • Safe-School Learning conducted with staff as part of our District-wide professional development. 
  • School Safety programs designed and presented to all grade levels by Administration and in the classroom. 
  • Four counselors and one psychologist have presented to all grades, met with classes, and provided individual support to all students. 
  • Incident reporting form has been available for all high school students https://forms.gle/ugmknhVc5zMDAbdY9
  • All teachers and classrooms are equipped with an emergency plan folder and in-class phone access. 
  • Every concern or threat that is brought to our attention is taken seriously and addressed in a timely and pertinent manner according to district policy and code of conduct. 
  • Facility improvements have emphasized safety; including updated exterior doors, high school entrance moved to high-visibility area, double entry at the high school, upgraded sprinkler system, camera modifications, and monitored school entrances. 


What we are doing now: 

  • Our school psychologist, Sarah Schobel (HS Asst. Principal), Tonya Brummer (Elementary Asst. Principal), and Dara Stiles have attended multiple trainings in school safety and social-emotional support.
  • We are continually seeking to improve our social-emotional supports for students. 
  • The annual mid-year school safety refresher with ALL staff held on February 19th, 2018. 
  • Grade level meetings held to review safety procedures, reporting options, and social-emotional supports.


Here is our plan going forward: 

  • Continue to implement safety drills and improvements this school year. 
  • Utilize the District Safety Committee to review and update our processes and procedures. 
  • Require ALL students, parents, and community members to enter via the High School OR Elementary main entrances only. We are currently training all students and staff to NOT open doors for others. 
  • Asking ALL students and parents to use the incident report form to communicate any concerns https://forms.gle/ugmknhVc5zMDAbdY9
    • The reporting form will be accessible at the Beechwood Schools website.
  • Develop a safety-training schedule for ALL staff in cooperation with the FMPD. 
  • Continuing to take every concern or threat seriously and addressing them in a timely and pertinent manner according to district policy and code of conduct. 


We remain cognizant of the uniquely intimate nature of our community and how that can create a sense of comfort or complacency. We assure all students, parents, and community members that the Beechwood Independent Schools continually seek to improve, progress, and evolve to create a safe learning environment for all students.



Dr. Mike Stacy
Beechwood Independent School District