EDGE Program

Last Updated: 3/14/2022 2:01 PM


The EDGE Program is a Pre-K through 12 initiative at Beechwood Independent Schools. The Program is the result of many hours of research and planning with industry and post-secondary institutions as well as a culmination of research in districts and schools across the United States and abroad. Our research uncovered a number of issues facing business, industry, and colleges: students and new employees lacked certain skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, long term planning, and creative thinking. After developing a Strategic Plan, the district moved forward with creating Core Concepts that would guide curriculum and experiences to give these children the skills for a 21st Century work environment. Our students still receive a solid foundation in science, English, social studies, and mathematics, but each grade level has a series of experiences including the Elementary, Seminar in the Middle School, and the High School Minors, that give students their EDGE. Click here for Press Release




High School Minors Overview

Click here for information on each of our High School Minors


Middle School Seminar 
and Elementary Concepts



7th Grade Seminar
Amazon Traffic Project

6th Grade STEM



5th Grade
Digital Breakouts