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Mike Stacy


October 24, 2016             


As we close out the first quarter of the 2016-17 school year, I am preparing for several large events. Halloween at Beechwood Elementary School is one of the biggest holiday events I’ve ever witnessed.  If you think Halloween night is fun, you should see what happens here at school during the day.  It’s amazing.  Second, football playoffs start are about and there is nothing like the playoffs at Beechwood.   Almost everyone in Fort Mitchell will be rooting for the Tigers to win another Class A state championship and I am definitely one of them.  Finally, there is the state band championships in Louisville.  We have won many recent state championships and are definitely on the hunt for another.   All and all, just another fall at Beechwood.  

Those are all of the activities that you see in the newspapers and on the sports highlights, but actually there are many more events happening at Beechwood.  You may not know about the ACT prep classes, the forensics team, cross county state finals, the many charitable events that are worked by the national honors society and the national junior honors society, tryouts for the school play and, and many, many, many more activates on top of a great academic environment.  The most amazing thing, is that all of these events and activities are done by 650 kids.  Amazing!  There isn’t another school (that I know of) where so few are so engaged and do so much. 

As we move into the second quarter, there are many activities, holidays, and school events, but more importantly there is time with family and friends.  Beechwood is a shining example of this concept.  We love our sports, music, and events, but in the end the friendships we form and the ties to the community, school, and staff are what last forever.   So study hard, play hard, and enjoy your time at this storied institution.




Dr. Mike S. Stacy
Beechwood Independent Schools

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