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The Beechwood EDGE



The EDGE Program is a Pre-K through 12 initiative at Beechwood Independent Schools. The Program is the result of many hours of research and planning with industry and post-secondary institutions as well as a culmination of research in districts and schools across the United States and abroad. Our research uncovered a number of issues facing business, industry, and colleges: students and new employees lacked certain skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, long term planning, and creative thinking. After developing a Strategic Plan, the district moved forward with creating Core Concepts that would guide curriculum and experiences to give these children the skills for a 21st Century work environment. Our students still receive a solid foundation in science, English, social studies, and mathematics, but each grade level has a series of experiences including the Elementary, Seminar in the Middle School, and the High School Minors, that give students their EDGE. Click here for Press Release






Academic Achievements

  • Awarded the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award for both Elementary and High School.

  • Scored in the 99th Percentile and Distinguished on State Examinations and ranked 2nd among Kentucky's 173 school districts. 
  • Highest ACT scores in the state with an average of 25.7
  • Nearly 90% of our students take an AP course during their high school experience


Beechwood Way

Beechwood Way



To inspire students to embrace responsibility, productivity and compassion as citizens of a global community



To provide innovative education grounded in tradition


Beechwood Independent Schools Core Values

  • Challenging students to excellence through critical thinking, collaboration and creativity
  • Fostering a culture of unity that inspires and empowers all students
  • Providing a safe environment for learning
  • Promoting open and respectful communication for all stakeholders



Innovative education grounded in tradition